Our tutoring supports the fundamentals of the primary school curriculum to ensure children grasp the core principles to flourish in all aspects of their learning. We can also offer extension tasks for children who are ready to excel and want to be challenged and stimulated that little bit extra. Our homework club provides an encouraging environment that gives children a sense of achievement when they complete and understand what is asked of them.

We understand the pressures on families to support their children during their schooling. We want to relieve some of that stress, so families feel reassured they are doing the best for their children in the foundation years of their schooling.

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Thebrightspace Age Based Groups

Age-based groups

Children learn with their stage peers

Thebrightspace All Abilities

All Abilities

Learning support through to extension learning for OC or selective stream

Thebrightspace Curriculum Based


Our program focuses on the DOE curriculum and current topics in class

Thebrightspace Qualified Staff

Qualified staff

High ATAR students, education degree students and graduates, and primary school teachers

Thebrightspace Child Centred


A safe space for students to learn and grow at their own pace

Thebrightspace Online In Person

Online & in-person

Flexible learning formats depending on your location and child

Thebrightspace Engaging Approach

Engaging approach

Build strong connections with each child to meet the needs of the individual

Thebrightspace Local School Pick Up

Local school pick-up

COMING SOON Walking pick-up service for local schools


The team at The Brightspace is committed to developing the holistic well-being of the ‘whole’ child, considering their social, emotional, physical and cognitive outcomes.

We have a range of tutors and depending on your needs we can find the right match for your child.

All our tutors are high-scoring ATAR students, studying a degree in Education or other disciplines, learning support officers, have completed their Education degree or currently working as primary school teachers.

Thebrightspace Our Tutoring Team
Thebrightspace Tutoring Child Centred Learning


Every child is different, so their achievements are different. What might be a big progression for one child may not create the same sense of achievement for another. We celebrate outcomes relative to their individual needs and progress. In addition to supporting the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy, we work to build each child’s confidence to challenge themselves and try new things in their learning.

We connect with each child to form a trusting and supportive relationship. This mutual respect and understanding models positive learning behaviours and creates the environment for the child to learn and thrive.

Our team’s experience in running several successful OSHC services in South-Eastern Sydney has given us the resources and expertise to make learning engaging for each individual.

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The Brightspace Tutoring Homework Club