Brightspace Team 0005 Hailey

Hailey is completing a Bachelor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a Masters in Cross Cultural & Applied Linguistics and also has 3+ yrs teaching experience. “An optimist builds an…

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Brightspace Team 0004 Veron

Veron is completing a Bachelor of Mathematics & Science (double degree), he is a devoted reader, cricket enthusiast, and fitness fanatic! “I believe knowledge is invaluable and I strive to set students…

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Brightspace Team 0003 Anjuna

Anjuna is completing a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science “I really admire the ability of the children I tutor to grow and develop new skills – watching them…

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Brightspace Team 0001 Sophie

Sophie is completing a Bachelor of Primary Education and Special Education “Learning is like an adventure, it’s okay to make mistakes, they’re just stepping stones on our journey.”

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Brightspace Team 0000 Brooke

Brooke is completing a Bachelor of Nursing “Talent is like a little seed, and your hard work and determination are the water and sunlight that will make it grow into something amazing.…

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