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Paris, an enthusiastic artist with a background in education, creates a joyful space for young creatives to explore their artistry. Focusing on the process rather than the “perfect” outcome, her…

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Shelley is an educator,  designer and art coordinator with over 10 years of design experience and 4 years of children’s art education. Her experience also includes textile designer, graphic designer…

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Brightspace Artists 0001 Kristine

Kristine Ballard is an artist and arts educator with a rich background in both professional design and fine arts. With over 25 years of design experience, Kristine specialises in one-on-one…

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Brightspace Artists 0003 Carlos

Carlos is a versatile art educator who believes in nurturing children’s creativity through various mediums. He creates a safe space for kids to explore their artistic imagination, drawing from his…

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Brightspace Artists 0000 Mon

Monique, a Sydney based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, is known for her detailed work in drawing and animation. She’s curated exhibitions, contributed to sustainability-focused projects, and participated…

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