Thebrightspace K 6 Online Tutoring

Learning format

Depending on your location and your child’s preferences, online tutoring in K-6 can work well for some individuals. Our online tutoring is one-on-one only with a dedicated tutor.

All our online sessions run for 50-55 minutes. We offer a complimentary trial class to ensure it’s a good fit for your child. Sessions focus on core aspects of the curriculum including, reading, writing, English/grammar and mathematics or an area you would like your child to focus on or needs extra assistance.

The first session gives the tutor and your child an opportunity to get to know each other so the tutor can gauge what level your child is at. It’s important your child is comfortable with their tutor. Together they will develop goals as part of the Individual Student Plan. Communication is paramount, especially when tutoring remotely, so this plan also acts as a feedback tool between tutor and parent.

Each session includes ‘brain breaks’ to help your child reset when needed and keep them engaged in an online setting. At the end of each session, the tutor will share a brief summary to update you on their progress.

Timetable & Fees

Our online tutoring K-6 timetable is flexible and we can work with your family to find the times that suit you best.

Tutoring Fee May 23


The Brightspace Online Tutoring K 6